[texworks] Some questions/comment

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Nov 28 00:21:41 CET 2008

    Simpdftex is a perl program

The simpdftex that is in TeX Live is a Bourne shell script, not Perl.
So it won't run on Windows (except maybe Cygwin).

    $dvips_pdf_switch = '-Poutline';

Not that it matters, but that should not have been necessary to specify
explicitly for years now.

    $ps2pdf = 'ps2pdf14 %O %S %D';
    $dvips = 'dvips -R0 %O -o %D %S';

Shouldn't both of these be the default in latexmk as well?  (Not that
I've looked.)  Well, I can imagine the default is "ps2pdf" instead of
"ps2pdf14" and no "-R0", but that should be ok.


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