[texworks] Some questions/comment

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Thu Nov 27 02:02:44 CET 2008

Le 26 nov. 08 à 10:26, Jonathan Kew a écrit :

> On 27 Nov 2008, at 07:03, Per Ting wrote:
>> 1-Can/will texworks support the latex-dsips-ps2opdf path? For those  
>> using psfrag/pstricks this is essential.
> This is best done using a script such as simpdftex (is that  
> available on Windows?) or latexmk, so that as far as TeXworks is  
> concerned, it appears as a single command just like pdflatex. Then  
> it's just a case of configuring a new tool in the Preferences/ 
> Typesetting dialog.

You can try going to Preferences > Typesetting > Processing tools,  
then add a new tool such as:

Whatever (for example LaTeX)



Each argument goes on a separate line (use the "+" button in the Tool  
Configuration window). The


bit ensures that SyncTeX data are created.

Bruno Voisin

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