[texworks] Some questions/comment

Per Ting perting at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 19:03:33 CET 2008

I have recently found texworks, and found it very promising. Here are some
questions, comments, wishes.

1-Can/will texworks support the latex-dsips-ps2opdf path? For those using
psfrag/pstricks this is essential.
2-Will it support some of the capabilities of Winedt (Active strings, macros
for inserting various environment, selection compiling, and many other nice
3-Will/Can it interact with latexdaemon?
4-Can/Will it interact with some graphic programs, I am using TpX/Winedt
combination and they interact nicely.
5-I think what I wish is winedt capabilities burried under a streamilined
GUI with side by side edit/pdfview panels, forward/backward sync and the
dvi-ps-pdf path, probably this is too much to wish for!

Thanks for thgreat progrm!

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