[texworks] New binaries available [was: Re: Hot keys / templates]

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Wed Nov 26 18:30:55 CET 2008


Peter Wüsten a écrit :
> Alain Delmotte schrieb:
>> Or is it another problem of path? Example the white spaces?
> Alain, the white spaces never made any difference on my windows 
> machine (XP professional SP3 German), but the Umlaut in the user-path 
> did. Try adding a user whose name contains only ASCII-characters, and 
> see if spell-checking works properly when Texworks is intalled for 
> that user.
I tried the system on another computer running Windows XP, same mikTeX,...
The only difference is that the folder for the user doesn't have 
accented characters like ...\HP_Propriétaire\... *and* both spellcheck 
and  forward/inverse search now run OK.
This problem is unfortunate because I do not see how to change this 
because there are too many things linked to the user name (llinks, 
shorcuts, programs and programs config,...)

Now another question: what is Hunspell doing: just underline the wrong 
words or is it a correction and suggestion system?

For me things are progressing.


> Cheers, Peter

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