[texworks] Trouble with auto-pst-pdf

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Tue Nov 25 23:57:50 CET 2008

Joseph Wright writes:
 > Hmm, I had some odd issues with TeXLive on Windows, where things that
 > work fine with MiKTeX didn't work properly.  This was mainly to do with
 > \write18 (although it did seem to turn on).  Unfortunately, I didn't try
 > auto-pst-pdf before I decided just to stick with MiKTeX!

Hi Joseph,
if it's not too much work, please report the problems on the TeX Live
mailing list.  Not everything in TeX Live works exactly the same way
as it works in MikTeX.  But if there are bugs, they have to be fixed.

TeX Live is the official distribution of the TeX Users Group, hence it
should work for everybody.  Especially Norbert Preining and Siep
Kroonenberg spent an enormous amount of time in order to make many
features which worked on Unix only in the past available to Windows
users.  Many things for Windows had been written from scratch.  Nobody
can guarantee that there are no bugs.  TeX Live can only be improved
if people submit bug reports if they encounter problems.

If you are not sure whether there is a bug in TeX Live or you did
something wrong yourself, just describe your problem.  Your feedback
is welcome.


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