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VAFA KHALIGHI vafa.khalighi at students.mq.edu.au
Mon Nov 3 02:09:15 CET 2008

I never have had  Mac or windows ever and I might not get your points
properly. But I think F keys make things much quicker an easier at least on

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 11:38 AM, Bruno Voisin <bvoisin at me.com> wrote:

> Le 2 nov. 08 à 16:29, Will Robertson a écrit :
>  On 03/11/2008, at 9:16 AM, VAFA KHALIGHI wrote:
>>  Would not F1 instead Ctrlt+T be a better chioce for typesetting? that is
>>> also what TeXmaker does.
>> TeXShop on Mac also uses CMD+T. I'm rather against using F-keys for
>> shortcuts, but that's probably a Mac-centric opinion.
>> Personally, I'd prefer Ctrl/Cmd+Return, but that's an opinion out of
>> nowhere. It goes well with TeXworks other shortcuts CMD+' and CMD+\ for
>> showing the output and showing the console.
> In Mathematica, evaluating a cell, which is a bit similar to typesetting a
> TeX source, is Enter (ie the Enter key) or Shift-Return. I don't know
> whether it's the same on the other platforms, and what Matlab and Maple do
> in this respect.
> But yes, using the function keys feels very un-Mac.
> Bruno Voisin

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