[texworks] Some remarks

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Sat Nov 1 10:09:30 CET 2008


> Worst of all the acute accent:
> ´ = Alt-Shift-&
> so that É for example is Alt-Shift-& then Shift-e! The most common 
> French accents, namely the acute and the grave, are generally only 
> used with the letters e for the acute and e, a and u for the grave, 
> and were omitted on uppercase letters until recently. So é è ç à ù 
> have their own keys, but for the other combinations dead keys are 
> required, with Alt-Shift-& for ´ the worst.
Same under Windows, as I said.
But the omission of the accents on capitals (it was even taught at 
school not to use them) is only  from the beginning of the 20th century 
with the mechanical typewriter which didn't have enough room for 
accented capitals, so to get them one had to type the capital (E), 
backspace, scroll up half a line, type the accent, scroll down half a 
line and continue; this was "economically" unacceptable! Now with 
computer it is "easy" AltGr+ù.
One could add that the accents did not always exist and the evolved 
during time, but this is another story.


>> How about:
>>  Ctrl-F        Find
>>  Ctrl-Shift-F  Find Again     (was Ctrl-G)
>>  Ctrl-R        Replace
>>  Ctrl-Shift-R  Replace Again
>>  Ctrl-G        Go to Line     (was Ctrl-L)
>>  Ctrl-L        Show Selection (was Ctrl-=)
>>  Ctrl-=        Show/Hide Output
>>  Ctrl-0        Full Screen    (was Ctrl-Shift-F)
>> Any thoughts?
> That would disrupt usual shortcuts on the Mac, where in the built-in 
> text editors:
> Find            Cmd-F
> Find Again      Cmd-G
> Replace         Does not exist (provided by Find)
> Replace Again   Does not exist (provided by Find Again)
> Go to Line      Cmd-L
> Show Selection  Cmd-E
> and in the build-in previewers:
> Full Screen     Cmd-Shift-F
> Go to Page    Cmd-Alt-G
Ctrl+G under Windows is often Go to (page, bookmark,...) but that has 
changed over the time.

It would be interesting to hear from other OS and other languages.
> By the way, the TeXworks shortcut Cmd-< for Unindent hijacks the 
> OS-wide shortcut Cmd-< for "Move focus to next window in active 
> application" on the French keyboard (as defined by default in System 
> Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts). It's one of 
> these odd shortcuts assigned to a physical key (the key immediately on 
> the right of the Shift key) instead of a logical key. And the key 
> immediately on the right of the Shift key turns out to be < on the 
> French keyboard.

Ok for this one (indent - unindent) to free Ctrl+< (Mac equivalent to 
Alt+Tab under Windows) one could use

Ctrl+Tab for indent
Ctrl+Shift+Tab for unindent

(under Word/Windows Tab works sometimes as indent first line of paragraph)

Any comment?


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