[texworks] Some remarks

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Thu Oct 30 16:51:30 CET 2008

Jonathan Kew a écrit :
> On 30 Oct 2008, at 13:50, Alain Delmotte wrote:
>> 2)  tw-latex.txt completion file should be looked at.
>> For example there are 2 "it" entries for \textit{} and \item.
> Yes, there are "duplicate" abbreviations; this is by design. 
> Repeatedly pressing the completion key (currently TAB) will cycle 
> through the possible completions for what was typed (and Shift-TAB 
> will cycle backwards, which can be handy if there are quite a few and 
> you miss the one you wanted).
OK, that I discovered, I was just pointing out to a possible problem.
>> Also, it would be good to have all shortcuts duplicated without "\"
> I'd be interested to hear what others think about this. The current 
> list basically comes from what's distributed with TeXShop. I've 
> noticed that some abbreviations are provided without \, but others 
> aren't; I'm not a heavy user of these so I don't feel qualified to say 
> what's most useful.
>> as this is difficult to enter on some keyboards (ex. French: AltGr+<, 
>> or even Ctrl+Alt+<);
> How do French TeX users tolerate this in general? If I were a French 
> TeX user, I think I'd want a customized layout as a matter of urgency!
That's what I propose.
>> it is the reason why for the French translation I propose Ctrl+$ to 
>> show/hide the output panel (Ctrl+\ is impossible to get)
> That's reasonable, I think; there is no rule that shortcuts have to be 
> the same across all localizations. Alternatively, I wondered about 
> using Ctrl-=, but that is currently "Show Selection" in the editor.
> I suppose the ideal would be to enable the shortcuts to adapt to the 
> current *keyboard layout*, which is independent of the 
> currently-selected *interface language*, but that's not likely to 
> happen! I do expect to make the shortcuts (and other things) 
> user-configurable eventually, however, so then you'll be able to 
> change them to suit your preferred keyboard layout.
That would be perfect!
>> 3) Keyboard shortcuts: I propose to replace Ctrl+G for "Search again" 
>> by Ctrl+Shift+F to be coherent with Ctrl+Shift+R "Replace again".
>> But this would require to have another shortcut for "Full screen"
> Not a problem at the moment, because Full Screen is only available for 
> the PDF window, and there are currently no search features there. But 
> I hope to implement search in the PDF eventually, so we need to 
> anticipate that.
> How about:
>   Ctrl-F        Find
>   Ctrl-Shift-F  Find Again     (was Ctrl-G)
>   Ctrl-R        Replace
>   Ctrl-Shift-R  Replace Again
>   Ctrl-G        Go to Line     (was Ctrl-L)
>   Ctrl-L        Show Selection (was Ctrl-=)
>   Ctrl-=        Show/Hide Output
>   Ctrl-0        Full Screen    (was Ctrl-Shift-F)
> Any thoughts?
For me it is good.
>> Other possibilities: use of the Fx keys (experience of other OS needed)!
> Yes, this is also a possibility. I know F3 for Find Again is common on 
> Windows. Personally, I think trying to make the keys somewhat mnemonic 
> makes them easier to learn than arbitrarily assigning F-numbers. 
Yes, but mnemonic is linked to a language: Ctrl+F doesn't match the 
French "Chercher" or "Rechercher" (of course it is general in all softwares)
> But I guess this is a matter of taste. Making them all configurable 
> will largely avoid the issue (though we'll still need to pick some 
> defaults to ship).
>> 4) When one "Save" a new file or "Save as": one should take care to 
>> add the .tex extension.
>> I propose to have it automatically added!!
> Yes. Unfortunately, the platform File-Save dialogs don't all behave in 
> quite the same way, but I'll look into this. Forcing the presence of 
> the extension (so it is impossible to Save As a filename with no 
> extension) seems a bit severe to me, but it would be good to do the 
> "right thing" by default as much as possible.
Yes, if you want to present TeXworks to non-geeks!! Even if TeXworks 
typeset a file without the ".tex"!!
>> 5) The problem to get the accented capitals and others using AltGr+ù 
>> and E (for \'E on a French keyboard and probably on others) comes 
>> from Qt as it is the same in Linguist.
> OK, good to know this; we may still be able to do something about it. 
> (You could also consider filing a report at 
> http://trolltech.com/developer/task-tracker, if it's an issue with Qt 
> text editing in general.)
OK I'll try

> Thanks for all the comments,
> Jonathan

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