[texworks] For the next future

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Sat Oct 25 16:18:04 CEST 2008


I am preparing a manual (French and English) but I am blocked because I 
can not (yet?) test certain options (spellchecking, forward and inverse 
search, project creation, ...) : I am using TeXworks 0.0.0 r.167 with Qt 
4.0 libraries under Windows XP (what is available for download on the site).
Looking to the site (issue 27) there is already an r.219!

The problem of TeXworks frizzing due to unbalanced (, { or [ is really 
big and prevent using it; I had to switch back to TeXnicCenter to carry 
the writing of the manual.

Note: Ctrl+K doesn't kill the end of line, in fact it does nothing 

I did find another problem: using an AZERTY keyboard, we have dead keys 
(that is a key which produces nothing immediately but only after the use 
of another key. To get \^e, \"e,... we type ^ followed by e and get the 
accented character).
These ^ and ¨ (umlaut) work well.
But to get \`A, \`E, \'E,... we need to use the AltGr+ another key and 
then A, E,... These combinations of keys do not work most of the time, I 
have to repeat them 2-3-4 times before to get the right character.


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