[texworks] Compiling TeXWorks on MacOSX

Jérome Laurens jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Thu Oct 2 09:30:17 CEST 2008

On 2 oct. 08, at 08:57, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> On 2 Oct 2008, at 12:15 PM, Victor Ivrii wrote:
>> On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 2:36 AM, Jonathan Kew  
>> <jfkthame at googlemail.com> wrote:
>>> On 2 Oct 2008, at 4:12 AM, Victor Ivrii wrote:
>>> make? Are you trying to build using a Makefile, rather than an Xcode
>>> project? I haven't attempted that.
>> Yes (but due to ignorance rather than sophistication). Now how I
>> should use Xcode (I see no project)
> Running qmake (no options needed) in the TeXworks source dir (where  
> the .pro file is) should generate TeXworks.xcodeproj -- at least  
> that's what it does for me. Then open the project with Xcode, and  
> build.

Why not using the xcodebuild command line tool instead of opening xcode?

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