[texworks] Spell checking

Peter Wüsten peter.wuesten at gmx.de
Wed Oct 1 16:35:33 CEST 2008

JK wrote:
> Several people have reported a bug related to changing dictionaries;  
> see issue #1 in the bug tracker. Originally, I thought it only  
> happened with older Qt versions, but apparently it can still occur  
> even with newer Qt builds, so I need to investigate it again.
I have just noticed that using QT 4.4.3 changing dictionaries doesn't 
crash TW anymore. It doesn't make spell-checking work, though, at least 
not for me. All my text gets underlined, correct or not, and in whatever 
language (well, tested GB and US English, and German). I've added that 
to the issue tracker, too, BTW.

Cheers, Peter

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