[texworks] Earlier thoughts

gkv1 at mac.com gkv1 at mac.com
Sun Sep 21 13:24:19 CEST 2008

On Sep 21, 2008, at 5:42 AM, Jérome Laurens wrote:
> Here is my feature request:
> - in advanced mode, preset support for external text editors (with  
> synchronization support of course, BTW does TeXShop support  
> synchronization with external editors now?)

To me, this seems like the way to go. This way, you can keep the built- 
in editor relatively simple and not spend a lot of time developing it  
and reinventing the wheel. And more advanced users, or beginning users  
already accustomed to a particular editor, can use their editor of  
choice, be it Textmate, Winedt, Emacs, BBEdit, Vim, etc.

Geoff Vallis

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