[texworks] Early thoughts

Jérome Laurens jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Sun Sep 21 10:24:27 CEST 2008

Le 21 sept. 08 à 09:16, Will Robertson a écrit :

> On 18/09/2008, at 11:40 PM, Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> On 18 Sep 2008, at 2:52 PM, Will Robertson wrote:
>>> Why would you want to change the font or syntax highlighting  
>>> individually?
>> Those of us who work with "unusual" languages sometimes like to set  
>> a different font for those files than in our TeX macros. (Of  
>> course, this suggests that I might want it to *remember* per-file  
>> settings, but that's not implemented, at least not yet.)
> I was going to say, here, that it would be better (I think) to use a  
> "Document preferences" mode for something like this. It could also  
> be used to set the encoding, typesetting program, etc., without  
> having to "dirty" the file with %! flags.
> W

I guess you meant to store some preferences on a per document basis.
This is absolutely essential to gain a really comfortable user  
Documents should also remember their state when they were closed:
the pdf window should display the last page viewed, with the same  
magnification and the same frame.
The text window should also reopen in exactly the same state.

But a concrete implementation of per document prefs requires some  
serious thoughts.
The most evident method is to use extended file attributes (similar to  
resource forks on Mac OS)
that many file systems support. Unfortunately, this is not a portable  
solution because
extended attributes are lost during file transfers (when copied to or  
from a USB drive with a different file system for example).

The answer is project design.
AFAIR, AucTeX, texniccenter, eclipse, iTeXMac, iTeXMac2 use project  

Even TeXShop's aux file with a .texshop extension was the start of a  
project design.

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