[texworks] Early thoughts

Jonathan Kew jonathan at jfkew.plus.com
Sun Sep 21 03:19:18 CEST 2008

On 20 Sep 2008, at 12:32 AM, Karl Berry wrote:

>   so hitting escape (vs. tab) is very difficult!
> Personally I think making the default completion character be TAB, not
> ESC, would be a good change.

I'm inclined to at least give that a try, and see how it feels in  

> But I guess TeXShop uses ESC?  Is this the
> usual convention on Macs?  Perhaps it should be ESC on Macs and TAB
> elsewhere?  (No idea what's conventional on Windows, actually.)

Like many things, this really needs to be user-configurable, of  
course. That's not hard; mainly it's an issue of deciding which things  
to actually put into the GUI somewhere (how many Preference panels?  
how many options can reasonably go into them?), and which to relegate  
to text-based configuration files for the "more advanced" user to edit.


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