[texhax] Beamer Question

Thomas Jacobs thomasjacobs at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 22:46:52 CEST 2010

Ok,  I have learned enough Beamer to be dangerous and in response to
student complaints about all the slides the \pause feature generates
in a resulting .pdf file, I finally was able to use the article


which generally works.  In those cases where I have large side by side
tables or images in succession the latter materials tend to trail off
the side of the page - I assume because I have not modifed them to
adjust for the change from landscape to portrait.

However, I still find it irritating when trying to page through a deck
and find the complete slide of a 50+ slide lecture that easily has 200
actual pdf slides.

Is there a command that one can use to selectively ignore all the
\pause commands when producing the .pdf so you can just get complete
slides for non presentation uses?

Thanks very much,
Thomas Jacobs, FRM, PRM, PhD
Assistant Professor of Finance
Kellstadt Graduate School of Business
DePaul University
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