[texhax] filling all the way down

Tom Sgouros tomfool at as220.org
Mon Dec 20 02:27:29 CET 2010

Aha.  Thank you to Barbara, Phil and Heiko.  That's exactly what I needed.  (And yes, to the geographically close one of you, it is always a pleasure to catch up, if only a tiny bit.)


On Dec 19, 2010, at 1:54 PM, Barbara Beeton wrote:

> hi, tom,
> phil has already answered this pretty much as
> i would, namely
>  \parfillskip=0pt
> for all but the last paragraph, and treat each
> line as a paragraph.  phil works with plain tex,
> not latex, and that's your preferred direction
> too, i think.
> one other approach occurred to me.
> set \baselineskip=0pt and put a strut of the
> desired height/depth at the beginning of each
> line/paragraph (after \leavevmode).  leave the
> zero \parfillskip except for the last line.
> with a type 1 font, you could probably write a
> macro to do this algorithmically, reducing the
> strut/font size by .1pt at each iteration.  this
> is probably more easily done with the latex way
> of specifying fonts.
> in any case, it's probably easier to write the
> text carefully, and break the lines yourself,
> than to try to figure out how to persuade tex
> to do it.  not that it can't be done, but ...
> nice seeing you the other night; it's been a
> long time.
> cheers.						-- bb

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