[texhax] TeX to Word

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Sun Dec 12 21:54:36 CET 2010

"Alan T Litchfield" <alan at alphabyte.co.nz>, 12.12.2010 20:06:27:
> On 13/12/2010, at 4:19 AM, Uwe Lueck wrote:
>> (How often is this asked here?)
> I will choose to blame Twitter this time. I have noticed two strange  
> phenomena in the past few months. The first is that from time to time  
> people seem to regard email as sequential rather than as an  
> asynchronous communication tool which has led to some rather bizarre  
> conversations where people have elected to read emails from various  
> points in a thread but as they have received them, and then responded  
> as though they were sequential. The other seems to be like the sound- 
> bite nature of Twitter where currency of the conversation rules and as  
> a result there seems to be an apparent reluctance to search archives  
> for previous postings, it's as though once an email has passed by it  
> no longer exists or is no longer relevant.
> Needless to say, perhaps, but the link to the archive is in the texhax  
> footer.
> Joan might notice that from the tenor of these responses she is not  
> being regarded as a heretic. The issue is technological not  
> ideological :)

Actually I asked
>> (How often is this asked here?)
because I didn't know and was not willing to find out.

I just can say that this hasn't been the first time. 

As far as I remember, I have only searched the texhax archive 
for postings I had in mind, e.g., my own, and this is usually 
very quite time-consuming, and sometimes I couldn't find 
the posting I was looking for.

Typing an e-mail often is much less exhausting than 
guessing a good search string, sometimes finding nothing, 
sometimes getting many hits that don't help, though 
after trying some of them you are so tired that you can't 
do any other serious work the rest of the day. 

E.g., "tex to word", the subject, has 793 matches, and the present 
subject is not among the first 20 ... and I really must stop here.

So much on my view on searching archives and googling for tonight ... 



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