[texhax] How to install TeXcollection 2005 onto a Sun Solaris Ultra 20 work station running on a 64 bit AMD cpu

Dave Bone DBone at milgram.com
Tue Jan 30 19:30:24 CET 2007

Hi my name is Dave Bone who's been a Tug member for 4 yrs.

Currently I just purchased a Sun Ultra 20 workstation AMD flavor running
Sun's Solaris 10 Oper. Sys.


I am trying to get my TeX ported over to it from my TeX Collection 2005
DVD but I'm stymied as the profile of supported systems does not appear
to support the above --- Sun yes on Sparc .


Is there a way that I can do it?


Previous 2002 CD described a "build-your-own" from source approach. I
don't see it on 2005. I'm new to Unix but learning fast and am willing
to try out any suggestions.


Should I wait for 2007 live?


Sorry to bother u but I do enjoy TeXing and Cwebing. I'm porting over my
c++ multi-threaded compiler / compiler which will eventually become Tug
distributed. It is being written in Cweb that emits "pdftex" grammar
documents that includes MetaPost diagrams. For the record due to
multi-threading grammars I have broken too my compilers --- Intel, MS
Visual Studio 2005, Apple aka gnu c++. I wanted to try Sun's c++ as some
of their compiler writers came from a now defunct company Oregon
Software that created the Pascal compiler that I'm still using on the
Vax. Well my intuition paid off as so far I've only found only 1 problem
that I will get report back to them. Apart from approximately 2 days of
debugging mutex / signaling using conditional variables that was a Sun
implementation dependent detail, the port is successful. Kudos to Sun
and their c++ compiler as the others named seem to support the GNU
coding standard's recommendation to stay as close to c as one can...as
its postfix cousin has its tantrums.


So the last part of my port to continue my development is to get TeX /
Cweb / MetaPost installed and working.


I appreciate any help


Dave Bone, IT Director
Milgram & Company Ltd. 
500 - 407 rue McGill
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2G7
T. 514-288-6002 x2216
F. 514-288-2519
W. www.milgram.com

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