[tex-live] new babel in TL

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Tue May 7 11:06:18 CEST 2013


thank you very much for this import.

A few points that I would like to mention:

- I suggest to put serbian and serbianc into the same babel package if
possible (both is Serbian, but one is in cyrillic script)

- I know that you mentioned it, but I would still suggest to review if
names match between babel-lang and hyph-lang. Just as an example,
there is hyph-slovenian and babel-slovene. (I have deliberately chosen
"slovenian" for hyph and even the document "babel-slovene/slovene.pdf"
says "The Slovenian language". The name "slovene" as filename probably
remained just for "compatibility" reasons.) Other examples are
babel-portuges, norsk, ...

- In the same spirit: there are some languages like "babel-frenchb" or
"ukraineb" just because there is "frenchb.ldf". However, there is
"germanb.ldf" and still "babel-german" and not "babel-germanb". My
suggestion would be to call the package "babel-french",
"babel-ukrainian" and not "babel-frenchb". If ever four other packages
for French pop up, they can all go to babel-french, no matter how they
will be called. The list is not extensive, I just listed the first few
languages that I noticed.

- I miss at least Lithuanian
and a few other languages. Here's a list of some ldf files in TeX Live
that aren't in babel-language (buy probably not all of them make


- I'm almost sure that there was supposed to be Latvian somewhere. I
was talking to
Ilmars Poikans about it in 2008, but maybe it was only included in
Polyglossia and not in babel. I'm CC-ing him.

- I suggest to delete furlan.ldf (or rather: ask Claudio Beccari to
give permission to delete it). I removed the language synonym for
hyphenation patterns soon after adding it and this is a relatively new
file anyway. The author didn't know what he was supposed to do with

- I just realized that "turkmen" contains babel-turkish, but I have
put hyph-turkish under langother. That probably needs a change (moving
hyph-turkish to langturkmen)?

- I'm just curious: why are these ldf files in TEXMF/tex/generic
rather than TEXMF/tex/latex?

Given a high chance that something could go wrong at our side, I would
prefer to release the promised hyph-utf8 based on the old babel and a
new version based on the new babel a few days later.


On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 2:49 AM, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi - wanted to mention that the new babel release, made some time ago on
> CTAN, is now in TeX Live for tonight's update.  Thanks to Javier Bezos
> for doing all the work on the package and Robin Fairbairns for lots of
> timely assistance on the Catalogue/CTAN side.  Here is Javier's
> announcement of the original major update (current version is 3.9c):
>   http://www.mail-archive.com/ctan-ann@dante.de/msg05446.html
> For TL purposes, the new regime is to have the per-language support
> files (*.ldf, etc.) in their own packages, which are now uniformly
> named babel-<langname>.  The <langname> is what was used in babel before
> (i.e., there is no particular consistency in style among them).
> This included renaming a few babel-support packages which were
> previously installed independent of babel, namely:
>   friulan german romansh serbianc spanish
> These are now all named babel-<lang>.  (Their content is unchanged.)
> Overall, on CTAN, these are the subdirectories of
> macros/latex/contrib/babel-contrib.
> One special case is magyar/hungarian.  No need to go into the whole
> backstory; the bottom line is that Peter Szabo's magyar.ldf (previously
> TL package magyar, but not installed in the runtime) is now
> the package babel-hungarian, and *is* in the runtime.
> I assigned these new babel-* packages to the various collection-lang*
> collections as best I could.  I plan to review the whole status of the
> language collections with an eye toward not having so many that are so
> tiny, but one thing at a time, and the first thing was just to get the
> new babel into TL at all.
> Given the sweeping variety of changes that had to be made, it would be
> astonishing if there were not unforeseen failures, at any level.  So
> keep those bug reports coming.

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