[tex-live] bad TFM files in TeXLive!

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jul 2 23:12:54 CEST 2005

Somehow I missed the original report.  The EC fonts have parentheses in
the coding scheme strings?
    It is a problem of `modes.mf' which doesn't contain a proper character
    check in function BCPL_string().  Karl, can you fix this?

Well, I'm not sure that modes.mf is the right place to fix this either,
what if it's not loaded?  But I suppose in practice it is.  I wonder
about changing tftopl in the first place?  But I guess that might be
more work than it's worth.

Anyway, I don't mind including the check in modes.mf, but it's been too
long, I can't write it out of my head and can't make it a priority.  So
if you or anyone wants to send a patch, I'll release it, otherwise,
it's been this way for so many years ...

Also, what is it going do?  Change parens to brackets or something,
with a warning?  Giving an error message doesn't seem right.


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