[tex-live] What is the best readme for the tree structure changes?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Oct 15 09:12:24 CEST 2004

Karl Berry wrote:

> which I plan to put in the doc.  (Hans, I don't what the "textools"
> utility is -- one of yours, I assume.  Doesn't seem to be in TL,
> although there is a textools.rb?)

that's it: instead of all kind of small utilities, i now package things 
in textools.rb, pdftools.rb, xmltools.rb (and exatools.rb)

 > Textools

TeXTools | --downcasefilenames [--recurse] [--force]
TeXTools | --findfile          filename    [--recurse]
TeXTools | --fixafmfiles       [pattern]   [--recurse]
TeXTools | --fixtexmftrees     [texmfroot] [--force]
TeXTools | --hidemapnames      [pattern]   [--recurse]
TeXTools | --mactodos          [pattern]   [--recurse]
TeXTools | --removemapnames    [pattern]   [--recurse]
TeXTools | --replace           filename    [--force]
TeXTools | --restoremapnames   [pattern]   [--recurse]
TeXTools | --stripformfeeds    [--recurse] [--force]
TeXTools | --unzipfiles        [pattern]   [--recurse]
TeXTools | --videmapnames      [pattern]   [--recurse]

so, there is a bit more in there (and more coming) for instance, running

 > textools --findfile texnansi.enc

can be quite instructive (in older trees)

options like unzipfiles were needed for getting the gzipped afm files 
right, fixafmfiles repairs comments (else some tex related binaries may 
segfault), *mapfiles removes dangerous Name entries (sometimes needed), etc

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