[tex-live] Build fails for FreeBSD 4.10

Fabrice Popineau fabrice.popineau at supelec.fr
Fri Oct 1 00:28:23 CEST 2004

> I asked Fabrice long time ago about this, and he said that he needed
> these changes (re CDECL) and i may have forgot, but seems that he said
> that he tried to contact Eddie on this.
> Apparently, Fabrice did not do a very good job in syncing his changes
> with official version and forgot to remove the typedef.

I like very much this way of thinking.

> This shows that it's a very bad idea to have hacked inofficial
> versions in TeX Live. We should ALWAYS send the changes upstream,
> otherwise it will become a maintenance nightmare.

You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to convince people to adopt a
prototyping scheme general enough to adapt to a variety of compilers. Given
that on this list everybody except me is using gcc (or that is close to
that), I have stopped long ago to patch the depot source tree with win32

It used to take me nights and week-ends sorting changes that have no chance
to be accepted anyway from the ones that can be of general interest. And
given that it is by hand process among x10000 files and x100 of makefiles,
it is clear that it is error prone.

And by the way t1utils is version 1.32 for quite a time and that's what I'm


[For Eddie: the current typetools can compile with msvc only with a couple
of small changes concerning bool conversions, but that's not a big deal ]

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