[protext] after protext installation

Thomas Feuerstack Thomas.Feuerstack at FernUni-Hagen.de
Thu Dec 17 18:43:29 CET 2009


Neil Gretsky schrieb:
> On my new machine I have just downloaded and installed the new version 
> of ProTeXt and have
> been following the directions given in "The Quickest Way to a TeX 
> System". On page 9 section 1.5.4
> there are remarks about adding an already present Local TEXMF tree 
> (normally in C:\localtexmf) to the
> MikTeX search path using the Roots tab.

Well, beginning with MiKTeX 2.7 C:\localtexmf isn't a standard Local 
TEXMF tree anymore. You can see the current settings, by...

> I am a little confused. My questions are:
> 1. In the Roots screen, do I want to click yes on the button to show the 
> maintained root directories?

... clicking on the checkbox to show you the maintained root 
directories. (defaults are C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.8 and C:\Documents 
and Settings\...)

> 2. I can't find C:\localtexmf, but there is already a folder C:Local Tex 
> Files which has an existing
> localtexmf-like structure. Is the latter folder a synonym or a 
> replacement for the former folder?

I'm afraid its none of it. C:\Local Tex doesn't come with MiKTeX. Are 
you sure its coming from a different/older TeX-installation on your machine?

> Is there some possible naming conflict?

It depends how you order your Local TEXMF Path inside the list of 
registrated root directories. Files are searched, concerning to the 
list, from top to bottom.

Regards - Thomas

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