[protext] TeXnicCenter Output Profiles

Thomas Feuerstack Thomas.Feuerstack at FernUni-Hagen.de
Mon Oct 19 08:58:05 CEST 2009

Michael Zylla schrieb:


> I wondered why i had installed Ghostscript and GSView because it
> wasn't used. So i decided to uninstall TeXnicCenter and reinstall it.
> After that i had the following output formats:
> LaTeX=>DVI	(opened with Yap) 
> LaTeX=>PDF	(opened with Acrobat) 
> LaTeX=>PS	(opened with GSView) 
> LaTeX=>PS=>PDF	(opened with Acrobat)
> So i installed everything in the order MikTeX, Ghostscript, GSView
> and at last TeXnicCenter. Wouldn't this be more reasonable or am i
> making a mistake?

GSview (and therefore Ghostscript) must be installed before
TeXnicCenter, so that TeXnicCenter has the chance to create the
appropriate output format. Therefore you're right that an installing
order of MiKTeX, Ghostscript GSView and at last TeXnicCenter would be
more reasonable.

I personally detected this, while the PDF-Doc was already finished and
translated. And because the profile  LaTeX=>PS=>PDF is rarely needed -
thanks to the prospects of PDFTeX - i never fixed it.

Regards - Thomas

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