[protext] Installing TeX

Thomas Feuerstack Thomas.Feuerstack at FernUni-Hagen.de
Fri Jan 30 10:59:55 CET 2009

Hi Rad,

rade dimitric schrieb:
> Thanks for your suggestion; I will try that. The following seem to be
> double copies. Which of the 4 files should I download? (I am using
> windows XP).
>  ProTeXt-2.2-071608.exe <thismessage:/ProTeXt-2.2-071608.exe> 	        
>         16-Jul-2008 18:49 	673M
> 	ProTeXt-2.2-071608.exe.md5 <thismessage:/ProTeXt-2.2-071608.exe.md5>
> 16-Jul-2008 18:49 	57
> 	protext.exe <thismessage:/protext.exe> 	16-Jul-2008 18:49 	673M
> 	protext.exe.md5 <thismessage:/protext.exe.md5> 	16-Jul-2008 18:49 	57

Take protext.exe, which is the easy-to-use link to the most recent
version, in this case ProTeXt-2.2-071608.exe. The md5-files can be used
to check, if the download of the bigger .exe-files was correct.

Anyway, i don't think that the recent versions will solve your problems,
as i assume you'll suffer because of incorrect rights in the
home-directory-part of your file system. Whats making me curious is, if
you didn't run into these problems, by installing other software i.e.
Adobe Reader? Perhaps it may be a good idea to ask in a Windows-related
forum, how to fix this.

Regards - Thomas

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