[Indic-dev] [pstricks for PovRay] Forbidden control sequence in \write

Radhakrishnan CV indic-dev@tug.org
04 Nov 2002 10:40:24 +0530

>>>>> "Rai" == H S Rai <hsraidce@iitr.ernet.in> writes:

    Rai> While trying to modify pdftricks to include povray's code, I
    Rai> was able to produce correct source file for povray, but I
    Rai> could not understand errror appended below. Modified
    Rai> pstricks.sty file and a source file rai.tex are also
    Rai> appended.

    Rai> Can any one point out mistake?

Please change 


in line number 104 to:


That's it. You're done.