[Fontinst] quick question?

walt burkhard burkhard at cs.ucsd.edu
Mon Jan 10 07:14:36 CET 2011


I am new at using fontinst but seem to have managed to create from afm font files the necessary tfm, vf, and fd files.
I am having trouble with the map files creation however.   I have read the Lehman.pdf, the fontinst.pdf, and 
intro98.pdf.    here is what I have tried --- (following page 63 of foninst.pdf)
	\input finstmsc.sty
	\input pgs-rec.tex

I have set finstmsc.rc to contain two lines   (as indicated page 240 of fisource.pdf)


I am trying to install Adobe GillSans   with Berry name   pgs.

When I run the above tex program, I end up with an empty pgs.map file as well as pgs-rec.tex file.

Any suggestions/comments/help would be greatly appreciated.  Many thanks in advance.

Walt Burkhard

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