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** DVD Bug Fix **

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TeX Collection 2012 DVD

There are two versions of the MacTeX-2012 install package. The first, MacTeX-2012.pkg, can be downloaded from the internet ; it was extensively tested on Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion. The other, MacTeX-2012-DVD.pkg, is part of the TeX Collection DVD. The DVD copy was tested and works fine on Leopard and Snow Leopard, but unfortunately it has a bug on Lion and Mountain Lion which renders it inoperable.

The DVD version of MacTeX does not contain a separate copy of TeX Live, but instead calls the TeX Live install script on the DVD, saving an enormous amount of room on the DVD. This install package will not work if the user copies it to the desktop and then ejects the DVD. So it contains a small Apple routine which checks that the DVD is mounted by asking if /Volumes/TEXCOL2012/texlive exists. Unfortunately, this routine always returns NO on Lion and Mountain Lion.

The Fix

If you have the DVD and want to fix this problem, download one of the following packages:

MacTeX-2012-DVD.mpkg.zip (270 MB)
TeXLive-2012-DVD.pkg.zip (1 MB)
Download the first package if you want to install all of MacTeX. Download the second package if you only want to install TeX Live 2012.

To install, insert the DVD and wait until it is mounted. Then double click and run MacTeX-2012-DVD or TeXLive-2012-DVD. We tested this process on both Lion and Mountain Lion. If you have a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with no DVD player, this process works using Remote Disk and a DVD inserted into a cooperating Macintosh with DVD drive.

The install packages used to avoid this bug cannot be signed, so on Mountain Lion it is necessary to hold down the control key when clicking the packages. Select "Open" from the resulting menu.