TUG Membership Information

(This information is still for 2003. We intend to update the membership information and form in the first few days of 2004. We'll also send an initial renewal notice by email.)

If you have questions or encounter any problems with the membership registration, please contact the TUG office.

  * Becoming a TUG member

Online: Fill out the secure online form and submit it (the Submit button is at the bottom of the form).

Paper mail: If you prefer to forego electronic submittal, you can alternatively print out the PDF membership form or respectively renewal form and follow the instructions on the form.

Joint membership: The NTG (Dutch) and UKTUG (United Kingdom) TeX user groups have mutual agreements with TUG whereby you can receive a discount for joining both user groups. To do this, please join via the NTG membership page or the UKTUG membership form, and select the option for joint membership. (We welcome making joint membership arrangements with any other groups, contact us if you are interested.)

  * Membership fees

TUG membership for 2003 is $65 (USD) a year for individuals and $35 for students and seniors. Add $10 to the membership fee after May 31, 2003 to cover additional shipping and processing costs.

We don't have a strict definition of either "student" or "senior". If you have a student ID card from an accredited institution, you certainly qualify as a student. If you're 65 or better, you certainly qualify as a senior. Please contact us if you have questions.

The 2003 rate for non-voting subscription memberships (for libraries, for example) is $85. The 2003 institutional rate is $500, which includes up to seven individual memberships.

Membership fees less value of benefits received are now tax-deductible, at least in the USA. We calculated the actual value of benefits to be $35 for 2003. Therefore, $30 of the $65 2003 regular membership fee is tax-deductible in the US. More info.

  * TUG membership benefits

Members of TUG help to support and promote the use of TeX, Metafont, and related systems worldwide.

All members receive TUGboat, the journal of the TeX Users Group, the TeX Live software distribution (a runnable TeX system), and the CTAN software distribution (containing most of the CTAN archive).

In addition, TUG members vote in TUG elections, and receive discounts on annual meeting fees, store purchases, and TUG-sponsored courses. More info.

 * Delivery of benefits

All benefits are sent as soon as they are available. In 2003, TeX Live and CTAN were produced simultaneously, and became available in November. We apologize for the delay.

TUGboat production depends on the availability of material and is thus even less predictable. Presently, TUGboat is over a full year behind; we are working as hard as we can to make up the backlog. If you have any ideas for articles, please contact tugboat@tug.org.

Each year's membership entitles you to the software and TUGboat produced for that year (even if it is produced later, in the case of TUGboat). You can order older issues of TUGboat and TeX memorabilia through the TUG store.

 * Privacy

TUG uses your personal information only to mail you products, publications, notices, and (for voting members) official ballots. Also, if you give explicit agreement, we may incorporate it into a membership directory which will be made available only to TUG members.

TUG neither sells its membership list nor provides it to anyone outside of its own membership.

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