2013 TeX Users Group Election

The positions of TUG President and several members of the TUG Board of Directors will be open as of the TUG 2013 Annual Meeting.

The TUG directors whose terms will expire in 2013: Kaja Christiansen, Jonathan Fine, Steve Grathwohl, Jim Hefferon, Klaus Höppner, David Walden.

Continuing directors, with terms ending in 2015: Barbara Beeton, Karl Berry, Susan DeMeritt, Michael Doob, Taco Hoekwater, Ross Moore, Cheryl Ponchin, Philip Taylor, Boris Veytsman.

The election to choose the new president and board members will be held in the summer of 2013. Nominations for these openings are now invited.

Nomination and election outline

The TUG Bylaws provide that “Any member may be nominated for election to the office of TUG President/to the Board by submitting a nomination petition in accordance with the TUG Election Procedures. Election … shall be by written mail ballot of the entire membership, carried out in accordance with those same Procedures.” The term of President is two years, while that of Director is four years.

The name of any member may be placed in nomination for election to one of the open offices by submission of a petition, signed by two other members in good standing, to the TUG office.

You can download a printable nomination form (letter-size PDF, A4 PDF) or obtain a form from the TUG office.

Along with a nomination form, each candidate is asked to supply a short biography, a statement of intent, and (optional) passport-size photograph to be included with the ballot. The biography and statement of intent together may not exceed 400 words. Also, a candidate's membership dues for 2013 are expected to be paid by the nomination deadline.

The deadline for receipt at the TUG office of nomination forms and ballot information is 1 May 2013. (This is later than usual because the TUG 2013 annual conference is happening late in the year.)

If there are more candidates than open positions, ballots will be mailed to all members within 30 days after the close of nominations. Marked ballots must be returned no more than six (6) weeks following the mailing; the exact dates will be noted on the ballots.

Ballots will then be counted by a disinterested party not part of the TUG organization. The results of the election should be available by late summer, and will be announced in a future issue of TUGboat, on the TUG web site, and through various TeX-related electronic lists.

It is the intent of TUG that all wishing to participate in TUG elections do so. If you experience difficulty in submitting your nomination, do not receive your ballot in a timely way, or experience other problems, please contact the TUG office or Election Committee.

Barbara Beeton
for the Elections Committee

Previous elections

For the record, announcements and information about previous elections is available: 2011, 2009, 2007, 2005, 2003, 2001, 1999, 1997.

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