Dvips is a program to convert TeX DVI files to PostScript, written by Tom Rokicki. Tom has the official Dvips home page.

Dvips is no longer distributed as a standalone programs. It is maintained as part of the TeX Live distribution (browse source directory, retrieve TL sources). It is also included in other TeX distributions.

The Dvips manual is available online in HTML and PDF. You may also find it in your local Info system if you have one; try running info dvips or M-x info in Emacs.

At one time, there was a variant program Dvipsk, which adapted Dvips to Kpathsea. Now the Kpathsea support is in the original sources, and there is only one program.

Programmer wanted: it would be great to add OpenType and perhaps TrueType support to dvips; perhaps some of the code from pdftex could be adapted. If you have time, knowledge, and interest to work on this, please email tex-k (at) tug dot org.

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