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Article XII

The power to alter, amend or repeal the bylaws or to adopt new bylaws will be vested in the Board of Directors by affirmative vote of the directors in the manner provided in these Bylaws.

Chronicle Amendments enacted

1988 annual meeting:

September 1990 (Cork):

March 1991 (Dedham):

July 1991 (Dedham):

February 1992 (Aston):

June 1992 (by mail):

July 1992 (Portland):

July 1993 (Aston):

July 1994 (Santa Barbara):

July 1995 (St. Petersburg):

August 1998 (Torun):

July 2002 (Portland):

February 2003 (email):

October 2002 (by e-mail):

January 2003 (by e-mail):

23 February 2005 (by e-mail, motion 2005.3):

23 February 2005 (by e-mail, motion 2005.4):

23 September 2018:

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