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Re: Hyphenchar ligatures again

> >So there is no remaining objection to have the ligature
> >   Minus-sign + Hyphenchar -> Hyphenchar
> >in the Cork encoded fonts. Of course, it should be added to the dc-fonts, 
> >too.

> If nobody objects, I'll add this to T1.etx, which is the encoding file
> used by fontinst.  This means the ligature will end up in all the PS
> fonts on CTAN.

You also need em-dash+hyphenchar and en-dash+hyphenchar ligatures. Of
course, these are complicated if one is doing hanging punctuation
since the em-dash and en-dash plus hyphenchar ligatures need to be
ligatured to hanging em and en dash characters which of course the
Cork designers in their computer-science-inspired myopia left no space


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