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TUGboat 3:2, October 1982

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Addresses of officers, authors and others   2 
Official announcements   3 
General Delivery
The TeX logo: An important note   4 
Report on business meetings, TUG Summer meeting, Stanford University, July 25–27, 1982 
  Susan Plass 
General Delivery   4-7 
TUG Summer meeting and TeX82 short course, Stanford University, July 25–30, 1982 — Program and Attendees   5-7 
An informal interchange format for TeX files 
  Pierre A. MacKay 
Introduction to TeX and TUG for new users 
  Ron Whitney 
TeX82 memory structure   13 
Software   13-19 
The format of TeX's DVI files 
  David Fuchs 
Output Devices
Output devices 
  Rilla J. Thedford 
Site Reports
News from Stanford 
  David Fuchs 
Site Reports   20-23 
Fixes to known bugs in TeX370 
  Susan Plass 
TeX installation at the University of Michigan 
  Paul Grosso 
VAX/VMS site report 
  Monte C. Nichols, David Kellerman 
“small” TeX
Editor's introduction 
  Lance Carnes 
A Fortran version of Metafont 
  Sao Khai Mong 
Warnings & Limitations
Charting the generation gulf 
  Barbara Beeton 
Font codes in popular use 
  Calvin Jackson 
Editor's introduction 
  Lynne Price 
TUGboat macro index   27-28 
Multi-column output format 
  Barbara Beeton 
Some TeX programming hacks 
  Leslie Lamport 
Unblocking an AmSTeX tape 
  Barbara Beeton 
Paragraphs in tables 
  Mark Blanford 
Hanging punctuation   38 
Late-Breaking News
TUG 1982 Treasurer's Report   39-40 
TUG financial reports 
  Samuel B. Whidden 
TUG 1983 Budget   40-41 
Membership application and order form 
TeX and Metafont Errata 
TUG membership list 

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